Arla Foods Ingredients S.A.

Whey protein is one of the supplements with the highest biological value, which measures the amount of protein absorbed by the body, which we can find.

This extra protein contribution that Whey protein provides, being of such rapid absorption, is very beneficial for athletes or people who are doing intense exercise routines, since they consume a large amount of proteins throughout the day.

The quality of the protein can be seen in indicators such as the biological value itself, or the PDCAAS, which takes into account the amount of amino acids that the body needs and its capacity to digest them.

Our products are manufactured by the renowned Arla Foods Ingredients S.A.

And they are made in Danmark Protein, the worlds largest whey protein and lactose Factory. Since 1980, its delivered natural way based ingredients to the world´s food industry. Ingredients for infant nutrition, medical nutrition, sports nutrition, health foods dairy, bakery and many other uses.

Operating around the world, their specialiced plant produces more tan 80 different whey ingredients, including milk protein hydrolysate and lactose ingredients for customers all over the world.

Their protein and lactose ingredients are made entirely from whey. 100% natural byproduct of cheese and caseinate production. Their strict procedures ensure that the highest quality and food safety standards are met.

The powdered lactose and whey protein products are bagged automatically. At no time do they come into contact with human hands or unfiltered air.

Covering 58 000 square meters, the plant is equipped with state-of-the-art processing equipment to extract valuable ingredients from whey. Pioneering R&D department is behind the market launch of many whey based ingredients with exciting functional and nutritional properties.

Their highly qualified engineers and biochemists work closely with leading universities, technical institutes and other food industry partners.