ARMIN GH analiza la Whey de Master ZX y esto es lo que ha descubierto

What is Whey Protein?

Whey Protein is a food supplement with great biological value (We will explain more about that later on) which is obteined from globular proteins of whey. It is mainly used to get a better performance in sports in general.

Benefits of Whey Protein

You can get many benefits from whey protein if you use it correctly, that is, as a complement of a healthy and balanced diet, and in no case as a substitute of any meal.

The most clear benefit is the extra amount of protein that it can provide you. This has a great value, specially for people that do exercise on a regular basis, as the daily amount of proteins they need can be two times bigger than the amount needed for a standar person. This, sometimes, makes more difficult for an sportive person to get enough protein through a traditional diet.

Moreover, Whey Protein is really well and quickly absorbed by the human organism,  much more quickly than protein from natural food. This is specially useful, for example in post-workout moments in which we look for a very fast muscle recovery.

Lastly, It is also worthy to mention that it provides you a feeling of fullnes in your stomach, bigger than some unhealthy snacks that you will be able to reemplace from now on.

The quality of the protein

You can realise that it is a quality products due to factors like:

A way to check the quality of protein is the PDCASS (Protein Digestibility Corrected Amino Acid Score), that takes into account both the quality of the aminoacids and the facility to be digested.

This also reflects in the high Biological Value of our protein. The Biological Value shows the quantity of protein that is absorbed by the organism compared with the protein wasted.

When do I consume Whey Protein?

There are 4 main moments in where you can consider having it:

Our product, explained by a proffesional athlete.

Here we can see Armin, one of our proffesional athletes, explaining some features of our product.

The quantity of the product is 2,3 kg, 2 scoops are 32 gr. Other quantities are specified in the boat. 

To verify the autenticity of the product, introduce in the website the verification code that you can find in the boat. You can use this link: Verify you product