Our company controls the formulation of its products which undergoes an extensive quality control. Together with a 100% European manufacturting process and the worldwide distribution of our products this has led to the group's brands being present in thousands of retail outlets in over 10 countries in the Middle East, the Persian Gulf, Central Asia, Central America, South America, Africa and Europe.

Our clients can choose from a wide range of products to suit their individual needs and work-outs. King Rox Spain offers six brands of nutrition and supplementation along with two decades of experience in the sports nutrition industry.


We have implemented a Food Safety and Quality Management System, based on the Codex Alimentarius (HACCP system), ISO 9001, ISO 22000, ISO 10668, GMPs and the private protocol IFS.

As a result, documented procedures are required to verify the compliance of the system and the products.

The products are stored in a temperature and humidity controlled warehouse, where it also undergoes controls.


We have a specific manufacturing line for all of our products such as powders, capsules and tablets.

Throughout the production process we apply documented procedures in order to check the compliance of our quality management system. These procedures include the validation of the finished products by way of physico-chemical and microbiological analyses of a selection of products.

If necessary, laboratory analyses are carried out for each of our products by batch.